This is an list of my recent activities as a speaker on meetups, conferences and other medias.

Ciasteczka #2 - Dev Meetup [26 august 2019] [PL]

[LDZ] 14 spotkanie Microsoft Azure User Group w Łodzi [21 march 2019] [PL]

"Mikroserwisy na Frontendzie" presentation [16 may 2018] [PL]

"Mikroserwisy na frontendzie" article [04.2018] [PL]

Article in Programista "Programista" 2/2018

TypeScript - Curse or cure [2016-2017]

Recording [PL]

Slides [EN]


Just4Fun Podcast [PL] (2015 - now)

Komu potrzebny jest JavaScript – czyli frontend od kuchni [PL] (2016)

Recording [PL] (external page)